Monday, March 12, 2012

Kick this JeniMom butt back into shape!

Today i woke up at 4:20am! I can't believe it! I told my hubby last night when I set my alarm, that just looking at it was giving me some kind of anxiety. Seriously, I kept counting down hours that I had left to sleep.

I decided a couple days ago, that I needed to make time for myself to exercise. I know that I feel good when I do, but somehow (especially this last year) I have really neglected doing it... and slowly but surely, pounds seemed to magically appear. HA! Well, with the help of my crappy eating or not eating enough- I have come to face the reality that I have managed to put on about 10 lbs and loose a ton on muscle.

Anyways, back to my 4:20 wake up call. It did go off, and I headed out the door with the rest of the family snoozing away at 4:35 to be at my 5am class. I think I was so excited, that waking up was easy today.

IT WAS AWESOME! No I didn't just go to the gym (the gym that I have been paying for for months, and don't go, which by the way I need to cancel)and no, I didn't run on a boring treadmill, or take a spin class. Today was my first workout of a six week fit camp at Next Level Fitness. I feel like I have experienced a good share of workout programs from personal training, boot camp, Pilates, spin, yoga and plenty of workout DVD's like p90x, but this was still something new to me. A circuit like training with weights, bags, bikes, mats, step AND trainers watching me! No hiding..LOL

A whole freaking body workout in 1 hr. I'm hooked- and already looking forward to Wednesday!

I will be keeping this bloggity-blog updated weekly when I weigh in. A program with weigh-ins- yes!!

* 5am is not the only time for Fit Camp. They offer 9am and 6:30 pm.

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