Monday, May 9, 2011

Night Night Linc!

After a wonderful Mothers Day in Laguna Beach (I'll have to post about that trip next), we went to the best italian restraunt for dinner and I recorded Linc falling asleep in the high chair- needless to say, he had a fun day too!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Linc is a Vlogger now.. :)

Thought of the day

I don't know about you, but I never been a morning person. I've tried to like it before-you know, like getting up at the butt-crack of dawn to workout/eat a wholesome breakfast/ do what ever you want before your family is up...

So my thought for the day is, Is it really worth it to get up and have "me" time (or whatever you want to call it) before the kids wake up?? I have known moms that get up at say 6ish am every morning and take a shower, get dressed and prepare breakfast BEFORE their kids wake up....Honestly it sounds oh-so-wonderful to actually take a shower and be dressed before nap time.
I always get up with or after my kids. (Weekdays my alarm is set to 7 and rarely are the kids up by then)...sometimes they play and watch a movie before I feel sane enough to crawl out of my warm cozy place. But you know what?? They make huge messes when they get up without me..and then I get up and start out my day already feeling overwhelmed. Or I get up and have to rush-get kids fed,dressed,teeth brushed,lunches made,backpacks and out the door by 7:40 for school. It's honestly my worst part of the day, the mornings!

I'm wondering is its worth it try waking up before my kids for a week or so and see if it changes my attitude and makes the mornings less stressful on me. Its really only and extra hr or so? Does that extra hr really make a difference if I don't have it?

Ok i'll try it out next week-Monday morning....(not tomorrow and definitely not going to start it this weekend since it's Mothers Day, and i'm definitely going to be sleeping in that day :P )

I'd love to know if any other moms are struggling with the mornings and waking up before your kid (s). Why don't you give it a try with week with me? Lets plan on getting up an hr before kid(s). Lets sart out our day awake, happy,dressed or showered and get a good breakfast made for our loved ones.... I'll update after the week!



ps- the coffee pot will definitely be on autobrew that week :P