Monday, April 2, 2012

Talk about a super-fast week!

How is it possibly Monday again?
I am running 90 miles per hour it seems like.

I apologize this post has to be short and sweet today.

Positives this week:

Still going strong with my 5am working out. I am tired when I get there, but when I leave, I have more energy than if I had slept in. - honestly this a top reason I love morning workouts.

My seven year old raised some money to support Find Food Bank and we both participated in a 5k together. So stinkin' proud of her!

My Dad was in town and we had a fun weekend with friends....pool party, Polo, church....good times.

I weighed in and lost another 1.5lb. Go me!! Same as last week, I am feeling strong and fit. Its a great feeling :)

I'm now half way done with the Fit program and feeling sad. I am not over exaggerating when I say that I am enjoying this. This program is amazing!

See you next week!