Monday, March 19, 2012

1 week update

What a speedy week it was last week. My little man turned three and we had a blast at Disneyland! Lincoln is three?? It's true :( I am starting to feel like my kids are now "older" kids, and life is just going to pass by and then they will be grown people.. ( now I am getting sad. Didn't mean to sounds so depressing- sorry!)

On a brighter note, I completed my first week at Next Level Fitness. I actually went to a 5am class 3 times last week (and one today). These workouts are fun! I'm serious. The hour goes by so fast. On Friday, it was cardio day, and I could hardly walk after. I took a nice hot bath at 6:15 am when I got home. It felt so good! I love getting home to a still sleeping quiet house. Today, one of the trainers asked me if I felt stronger... I said yes (and then laughed to myself because the day before I thought I was crazy for thinking I was already noticing a difference so soon). Confession: I have flexed my arms today..hehe

A list of positive things/changes I've noticed since last week:

I have more energy throughout the day.
I am starting to feel where my muscles are again.
I am sleeping so good! I hit the pillow at night, and I'm out.
My house is cleaner. I think this has alot to do with the energy thing but I feel it needs its own praise.
I am eating better, ya!

and last but not least......

I have lost 1.5lbs!

FYI~~~~~ After my second workout last week I was +2. I ALWAYS gain weight when I start working out, so it didn't bother me. But to loose the +2 and then another 1.5,
I'm stoked :))


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