Monday, March 26, 2012

Ring of Fire

Starting week 3!!

Results are definitely happening. It is so rewarding to feel and see a difference in my body. My legs feel stronger and my arms are starting to take on some shape. I have a pair of jeans that I got from Hugh for Christmas this year that were too small and I think I may bust out next week and try them on.
I am really staring to get used to my morning workouts. 4:20am is becoming easier. (I can not believe I just wrote that!!)

Mornings with Nik and Li Anne have been fun. I know I probably say this every week, but this gym atmosphere/ cool peeps is really what sets it apart. I still have yet to do a duplicate workout. It's always something different, and new.

On Friday, Nik put us in a circle he likes to call "The ring of fire".
I could tell by looking at every one's faces, it was going to be a tough one. I have always associated the "the ring of fire" with the sensation women feel during child birth, just as baby is crowing... LOL
They were so thoughtful to blast Mr. Johnny Cash at the end when we were tired, weak and wanted to give up- I felt the ring of fire in a different way than the last time I experienced it! This time it felt great. What an awesome workout!
oh- and it was all with no weights, machines, or bands...just my own body.

This week:
I lost another pound!
I went running in addition to my workouts..
I feel stronger
I'm waking up easier
My sleeping is rest full, and I am falling asleep quick

This fit program at Next Level Fitness is really working, and results are happening!

See ya next week :)

Monday, March 19, 2012

1 week update

What a speedy week it was last week. My little man turned three and we had a blast at Disneyland! Lincoln is three?? It's true :( I am starting to feel like my kids are now "older" kids, and life is just going to pass by and then they will be grown people.. ( now I am getting sad. Didn't mean to sounds so depressing- sorry!)

On a brighter note, I completed my first week at Next Level Fitness. I actually went to a 5am class 3 times last week (and one today). These workouts are fun! I'm serious. The hour goes by so fast. On Friday, it was cardio day, and I could hardly walk after. I took a nice hot bath at 6:15 am when I got home. It felt so good! I love getting home to a still sleeping quiet house. Today, one of the trainers asked me if I felt stronger... I said yes (and then laughed to myself because the day before I thought I was crazy for thinking I was already noticing a difference so soon). Confession: I have flexed my arms today..hehe

A list of positive things/changes I've noticed since last week:

I have more energy throughout the day.
I am starting to feel where my muscles are again.
I am sleeping so good! I hit the pillow at night, and I'm out.
My house is cleaner. I think this has alot to do with the energy thing but I feel it needs its own praise.
I am eating better, ya!

and last but not least......

I have lost 1.5lbs!

FYI~~~~~ After my second workout last week I was +2. I ALWAYS gain weight when I start working out, so it didn't bother me. But to loose the +2 and then another 1.5,
I'm stoked :))


Monday, March 12, 2012

Kick this JeniMom butt back into shape!

Today i woke up at 4:20am! I can't believe it! I told my hubby last night when I set my alarm, that just looking at it was giving me some kind of anxiety. Seriously, I kept counting down hours that I had left to sleep.

I decided a couple days ago, that I needed to make time for myself to exercise. I know that I feel good when I do, but somehow (especially this last year) I have really neglected doing it... and slowly but surely, pounds seemed to magically appear. HA! Well, with the help of my crappy eating or not eating enough- I have come to face the reality that I have managed to put on about 10 lbs and loose a ton on muscle.

Anyways, back to my 4:20 wake up call. It did go off, and I headed out the door with the rest of the family snoozing away at 4:35 to be at my 5am class. I think I was so excited, that waking up was easy today.

IT WAS AWESOME! No I didn't just go to the gym (the gym that I have been paying for for months, and don't go, which by the way I need to cancel)and no, I didn't run on a boring treadmill, or take a spin class. Today was my first workout of a six week fit camp at Next Level Fitness. I feel like I have experienced a good share of workout programs from personal training, boot camp, Pilates, spin, yoga and plenty of workout DVD's like p90x, but this was still something new to me. A circuit like training with weights, bags, bikes, mats, step AND trainers watching me! No hiding..LOL

A whole freaking body workout in 1 hr. I'm hooked- and already looking forward to Wednesday!

I will be keeping this bloggity-blog updated weekly when I weigh in. A program with weigh-ins- yes!!

* 5am is not the only time for Fit Camp. They offer 9am and 6:30 pm.