Thursday, December 18, 2008

INeedACharger & CoolGiveaways ;)

I'm hoping one of these days I will a) Find the charger to my camera or b) get a new one.
I really want to put up some cute/recent family pictures. My girls have literally grown 4 inches each this year alone. They are such a ham too.

I was surprised to find out "G" (Rhonda, Hugh's mom) bought Ryann a 5 slim in jeans the other day, and Reagan 3T's. My girls LOVE shopping already, and love getting new clothes ;)

Oh, here is a blog that I read frequently. "Traveling with baby"
It's mostly a mom thing as she posts about mommy stuff, but I really like all the giveaways and contests. The giveaway going on now, are for some cute toddler shoes. They are soft-soled leather shoes, perfect for a new walker/ cruiser. (and they're pediatrician recommended) The line is called "Similes" To enter, you judt need to leave her a comment on what size and style you like... Super easy, and hey you might score some cute shoes!

Monday, December 8, 2008


Christmas is so close. I hardly feel like it's near. We seriously need to get a tree and get our camera working again.
I am ready for 2008 to be gone. Shhesh, what a year. It went by so fast thankfully. Next year is going to be different. Hugh and I are trying to get Ryann into the christian school out here in Jan. She is so ready. Private schools are expensive, and Hugh and I want to make that sacrifice for her to be able to attend. Ryann will be turning 4 at the end of January..OMG! She is excited for her birthday, and I love planning kids birthday parties ;) Oh, then on the 31st, I'm turning 23. WOW.
(side note, i met Hugh when i was 17..hehehe) I am due the end of March. And between then and before summer we need to move. Not sure exactly where, but still in the desert and this area. As the end of the year passes and this new year approaches, please be praying for my family. We have alot of changes and new things happening.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Salvation Mountian and Christmas cookies?

My husband is so funny sometimes. But I love him for that ;)
We watched "Into the Wild" a few nights ago. Quite a bit of the movie is placed in Slab City, CA. Because Salton Sea is really only a hour away from us, he is going out there today with a friend to meet a man named Leonard who created "Salvation Mountain". What a is a photo I found online.

Tomorrow I am going to a Christmas Cookie exchange. I think I'm going to make a cookie bar. I'm excited to bring home so many kinds of cookies. There is over 40 people going! I just don't want to be the one who eats all the cookies...ugh
Well, I'm off the the store and then start my afternoon of baking while my girls take their nap. Here is what I'm planning on baking, yum!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Numero Uno

Because I haven't had a post yet, I figured I should. I really have nothing new to say, and seriously need to be doing other things right now besides...ah, this..Ha!
My kids (including I) are still not ready, laundry is sitting in the washer and it's almost lunch.

Hopefully with the next post it'll be when I have more time. Peace out my friends ;)