Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Let's try this blogging thing again....

Well I think its time to start this again. I cant promise that I will blog every week...but I will try :)

Some kind of an update-

Ryann is in freaking kindergarten. She has lost 4 teeth and both front teeth are missing right now. She has been playing soccer for about 2mos. She is a great player, always scoring and a great defender..(like me and Cassie). Ryann is also in gymnastics. She is so strong. I wish that i would have learned to tumble and do cool flip things as a kid, so I'm excited for her. She started taekwondo class today and loved it also. It is a great program. It has rewards for good behavior at home, and a chart for me to check off that has things on it like responsibility, self care, study, respect and love for her family. She will turn it in for star patches to place on her gi. I really believe that this is going to be a great thing for her. Ryann is doing great at school. She has an amazing teacher and loves her so much. She got her first report card a couple weeks ago, and it was a really good one .

Reagan is also enjoying school. Her class this year has a garden for the students to tend to. There is also a couple ducks that get to roam around the play yard that Reagan loves to play with and feed. A couple week ago they laid eggs, and the class is waiting to see if they will hatch. Reagan was in soccer...but it really wasn't her thing..she didn't prefer the sport, and am OK that she doesn't like the sport I love *tear* She has taken up a new sport of modeling. A few weeks ago she was in another fashion show, and she told me, "..that was the funnest day ever!" She will be in another big show soon, so ill have to get some better pictures. Regs is also in gymnastics, and really loves it! "G" bought her a cute leotard last week, it made Reagan so happy to look "cute". Regs is starting a ballet class on Mondays, I don't know what she is more excited for, the outfit or the class :)

Lincoln is my baby..my almost 2 year old baby. He is definitely a mamas boy :) I have been enjoying are bonding while the girls are in school. He loves going to the preschool story time at the library and afterwards we feed the ducks. It's always a fun morning just him and I. We just started going to MyGym a couple weeks ago which is so fun for him! He has tons of energy so leaving MyGym always means a great nap. He is also talking! He can say 3 words at time now and is a great communicator and can hold his own when the girls get in his way! He is even learning to tell on them...."mama RyRy push.." or " No ReeRee, MINE!" hey-it's cute to hear him tattle right now..
Lincoln is still co-sleeping with us. He is put to bed in his crib at night, but eventually makes his way into mamadada's bed and gets snuggled the rest of the night. AND most nights we may even end up with another van horn in our room too. Before Linc was born Hugh put a couch in our room so that *if* the girls, felt sick,scared or whatever reason, they had a place they can go. I always laugh at how much my parenting "style" changed once I had kids. Oh and Linc is also still....gasp..nursing..yup. I never understood extended breastfeeding (or whatever you want to call it) until I did. He needs it still, and I am OK with that.

Ive been working at the Naturopathic clinic one day a week and learning more about natural health. I love seeing people being healed naturally. I can go on forever it seems..
My week is always very full and packed with so many activities, but I love it that way.
I have also been very motivated to do more with my doula work. I think that beside being a wife and mother, this job is so rewarding. I have a few expectant mamas this Holiday season through the end of February. I have no doubt that it is going to be a great year for me. Hugh is very supportive with me pursuing this as a career, and now that my kids arn't really babies, it give me alot more flexibility to be there for other mamas. I was able to go through the DONA training in September and since then, I've been very inspired and feel like I'm ready to bring it on!

Anyways, Sorry no pictures, all the good ones on the computer are all on Facebook...sorry.

Nighty night!