Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spring Break!

I am so excited for the girls to be on a break! I was talking to my HH (Handsome hubby) last night about how I want to make this a fun-filled/memorable week for them. And I'm not talking about filling our days up with theme parks, getting ice-cream or going to the movies- those are fun things...but I'm wanting something more creative...

Ideas that I have so far:
Having a camp-out in the back yard
Vsiting Salvation Mountain (its has been a while)
Going to the beach (o.k- maybe not that creative but going to with sand toys and getting some sun sounds great!)
Baking for friends and then dropping the goods off
Hosting a tea party

ok, I guess thats a start... I need some more ideas.. I want to have it planned so that I wont forget anything.


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