Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Busy birthday weekend-Happy Birthday to my honey :)

My HH turned 30 on the 13th! We had such a great time celebrating this past week..yup about a week. He loves his birthday, and we love him <3
On Tuesday night, Hugh got a great deal at the Newport Hyatt. We picked up the kids from school and headed to Orange County-we had no traffic!
We checked into the room and Ryann and Reagan picked their bed and got settled. It was so cute-they put their shoes in the closet and unpacked some of their things. We got freshened up and headed out to Laguna for the night...
We stopped by Trader Jo's and got some snacks, wine and fruit.. (the necessities :) )

Hugh took us to a really cool secluded beach in Laguna just as the sun was setting- the tide was coming in, and we had fun chasing waves, finding shells and walking around the tide pools. We left just after dark with sandy feet-Reagan was upset about that-ah funny girl...

We were hoping to get to downtown in time to grab a yummy cupcake from Casey's before dinner-but they had closed. We walked around and decided to grab some dinner at B.J's and it was already 8:30 p.m., we were all starving!
The kids were SILENT and ate so much! Hugh and I got a really yummy pine nut pasta and feta and veggie salad. It was so good!
We went back to the hotel and gave the kids a bathe, and they went out like a light.
Hugh and I sat outside at a table and we got to enjoy some wine right outside our room-the air was crisp and the wine was yummy.
The next morning we were checked out in record time-It was Hugh's bday!! We got up, and got ready, and were on our way to have bfast at La Brea bakery and go spend the day at Disneyland.
Bfast was amazing and so was the coffee!!
We had a great time at the park, and we met up with some of our best friends and their kiddies. It was such a fun time- when we headed over to Ca Adventure, we went to a few fun shows, got some bday tortillas and ate some yummy soup in a bread-bowl. We left about 10 p.m.- longer than we wanted-but doesn't that always happen? HAHA
On thursday- we got up and started getting the house stocked and ready for COACHELLA. We slept about 15 people and had a funfunfun weekend. The kids love having people over. The pool was heated, the weather was warm and it made for some great times.

Next week is spring break......still not set on what is going on but I think we are going to definitely have a 2day beach trip and then some fun in-between :)

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