Friday, March 20, 2009

Lincoln Boaz is here!!!

Lincoln Boaz was born early sat morning March 14th weighing 8lbs 60z 21 in long ;0)
It was Friday the 13th, and my hubby and his friends left the house at 8pm and went to play poker.
I remember at 9pm after i put my girls to bed that I hadn't had dinner yet but I wasn't hungry at all. Anyways, i cleaned up the kitchen and picked up around the house. it was about 10'45 pm when i sat down to watch t.v that i thought i had a contraction. It was so short, lasting less than 10 secs, so i ignored them. Well at 11ish pm i thought it would be fun to time them. They were happening about 6-7 mins apart, but still only 10 secs long.
I felt bad calling my hubby, but something told me that I should. He was at a poker table and it was really loud when he answered, but as soon as i said "...contraction.." he ran out of there and round up his friends to get home. it was really funny how quickly he responded, and how relaxed and mellow i was.
He wanted to start setting up the tub right away, and i was praying that my contractions wouldn't stop. I didn't want to have to fill and drain the tub. At about 12:20am the tub was up, not filled yet, but ready, and we decided to sit down and watch some late night t.v. At 1am, we agreed that we should go to bed. Hugh fell asleep right away. I tried to fall asleep but couldn't, now that the contractions were getting stronger, and now about 5 mins apart, but still very short. When I got up to go to the bathroom, i thought it would be a good idea to call my family and midwife since the had a 1hr+ drive to my house. I stayed in bed till an asst midwife showed up (3am) and took my b.p and pulse. I was having to breath through my contractions at that point and the took all my attention.
I started having back labor at around 4am, and my midwife suggested i get on all fours so they could put pressure on my back. I had an urge to push, and i didn't even realize it until my midwife said "was that a push??" i said i think
I got right into the tub and my back pain almost disappeared! It was so relaxing! I started pushing with every contraction from that point and my water broke on its own and 2 pushes later came his head! I turned around and felt my baby and started to cry. It was a couple minutes until i had another contraction and out he came!! It was amazing! he was born at 4:50am. He didn't cry just looked all around. My placenta came in about 10 mins after and my hubby cut the cord when it was though pulsing.
My kids slept through the whole thing and my mother in law woke them right when he was born and the saw daddy cut the cord.
I couldn't believe i had him! I never had a VE, so it was so cool to trust that my body would push him out when it was ready :)
Nursing started out challenging, and I got really engourged and sore. But now were doing great, and it isn't any trouble at all ;)
Linc was weighed 4 days after he was born a was already 8lbs 10oz. He never lost any weight! He is such a calm and mellow baby PTL!
We actually went to Disneyland yesterday for a few hrs. He did great. Hugh had him in the 'Byorn and I would take him out to feed. I got to go on Splash Mountian with Ryann! It had been so long since I have been able to go on a ride like that. It was nice to get out of the house as a family, and suprise the girls by taking them to Disneyland!
Hopefully I can be on here soon again to update, and get some family pictures soon!
Home Birth Rocks!!!


chris said...

yay! congrats! i was at stacy's when your dad was telling us about the birth! so crazy! i don't think i'm brave enough to try it but it sounds amazing!
can't wait to see you guys up here this summer! three new additions between you, stac and i! take care and i will be making you a nursing cover as soon as i get fabric from stacy! take care!

Lisa Marcia said...

COngratulations!! :) Can I ask what a VE is? Sounds like water birth is the way to go verses the hospital?

Ana Lee said...

I love reading the story again even though I already heard it from you. I am so excited for you! Man I miss you so much. I can't wait to come down!