Monday, March 30, 2009

A Family Trip

I wanted to put up a couple pictures of when we went to Disneyland....
Last week, my friend invited me to go see a Keaton Simons play at a her friends house in La Quinta. He one of my favorite musicians right now. During a break, Keaton asked if he could hold Lincoln. It was really cute. I learned that Keaton and a Linc were both born in water! I'll leave a link so you can check out some of his music ;0)
This weekend Keaton and a few other bands were playing a show in L.A at the Hotel Cafe, so we stayed out in L.A, and brought the kids w/ us. We all went out to dinner before hand at on of Hugh's favorite places and the Hugh went to the show with some of our friends and I stayed and hung out in the room with the kids.
The next day we all slept in and went to a Sunday lunch at Jerry's famous Deli. SOOO YUM! Then, we visited the La Brea Tar Pits. I remember going there as a kid. The girls really enjoyed it!

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Ana Lee said...

CUTE PICTURES! What a fun weekend trip. Miss you, love you!