Thursday, December 18, 2008

INeedACharger & CoolGiveaways ;)

I'm hoping one of these days I will a) Find the charger to my camera or b) get a new one.
I really want to put up some cute/recent family pictures. My girls have literally grown 4 inches each this year alone. They are such a ham too.

I was surprised to find out "G" (Rhonda, Hugh's mom) bought Ryann a 5 slim in jeans the other day, and Reagan 3T's. My girls LOVE shopping already, and love getting new clothes ;)

Oh, here is a blog that I read frequently. "Traveling with baby"
It's mostly a mom thing as she posts about mommy stuff, but I really like all the giveaways and contests. The giveaway going on now, are for some cute toddler shoes. They are soft-soled leather shoes, perfect for a new walker/ cruiser. (and they're pediatrician recommended) The line is called "Similes" To enter, you judt need to leave her a comment on what size and style you like... Super easy, and hey you might score some cute shoes!

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