Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Top 10

One of my best friends Ana Lee tagged me to write my top 10 things that start with the letter "C". I have never been "tagged" in a blog before, so this all new and sounds fun :)

1.) Children :)
...especially mine :)

2) Concerts!

This is a picture at a Keaton Simons concert a few weeks ago.

3.) Christmas! 4.) Cupcakes!

I love cupcakes and my favorite place to get them are from Sprinkles :)

5.) Clothes!

I love shopping for clothes. Especially with my husband :) He does a great job too. It is one of my favorite dates that him and I do for each other. I pick and outfit for him, and he picks one for me.

6.) Creativity

I love planning and throwing birthday parties, especially for my girls. Lately I have been wanting to learn to sew. Home made gifts are my favorite :)

7.) Champagne

8.) Cafemom.com
Cafemom is a website I like to go to for advise on parenting, cleaning, and all sorts things only for moms :)

9.) Cassie!

My sister, just in case you didn't know. She lives on base in Oceanside, Ca. She has been in the Marines for almost 2 years now. I love her so much, and wish I got to see her more!
10.) Camera
Another thing that I would like to do if I had more time. I would love to take a photography class one of these days.....

..........that's all, i tag Priscilla with "s", Lisa with "m" and Chris with "b". Have fun girls!


Ana Lee said...

Your list was really good! I enjoyed it :) Love you!

Lisa Marcia said...

I'm on it! :) I hope I'm the Lisa you're referring to, if not...heehee then I'm doing it anyways!