Monday, August 15, 2011

S is for sizzle and school..

It's hard for me to grasp that summer is sorta over. School starts in one week- which to me, feels like the end of summer.... BUT is still hot as heck. As if starting back to school in August was bad enough, imagine starting school in August where we live, 108 degrees... but I guess my lil desert rats can handle it. After school, we can just pretend it's still summer... swimming, playdates and after school trips to Disneyland should cut it :) With only one week left until the "big Day" I still have yet to put my kids to bed earlier, get them up earlier, plan lunches, buy some more school uniforms and figuring out a morning routine that will work for us. Part of me is excited for school to start, but another part isn't ready. I really enjoy the freedom during the summer, not having to be somewhere EVERY day (so But then again, I also really enjoy watching my kids learn and getting that break during the day. 2:30 comes so quickly :)
As many of my friends and family know-I despise mornings! I have come to the conclusion that with proper night planning and packing, I can buy myself and my kids a few extra sweet minutes of sleep. However, I am now considering getting up ummmm (even) earlier so that I can go running before the kids go to school. I think I will try for 2 days this week and 3 days the week after, and my goal being 4 days a week. ((Wish me luck))
Well, I guess my next post will be of Reagan's first day of kinder, and Ryann going to FIRST grade- what the heck, huh? When did my girls get to be so big??


Priscilla said...

awww! we've been working on getting an earlier bed routine, Ive never been too strict, but we've been aiming for 8 o'clock. Cant wait to see pics of their first day!

JeniMom said...

Haha, last night was after nine...ekk